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First professional win on Ladies European Tour

Meet Samantha Head

From Tour Player to PGA Coach and Golf Influencer, Sam has dedicated the past decade to introducing hundreds of individuals to the world of golf, while also coaching accomplished single-figure golfers with her winning approach.

For the past 10 years, Sam has passionately shared her expertise, helping newcomers embark on their golfing journey and guiding them with her unique winning style. Whether you’re a beginner eager to learn or a seasoned player aiming to enhance your skills, Sam’s coaching is tailored to meet your needs and ensure your success on the course.

Mastering the Mind

The book “Inner Game of Golf” has been a profound source of inspiration for Sam. Drawing inspiration from its profound teachings on mastering the mind and overcoming mental obstacles, Sam’s coaching approach has excelled the traditional, leading her students to unparalleled improvements in their performance on the golf course. With a focus on mental clarity and self-awareness, her coaching sessions provide a holistic and empowering experience, making Sam a highly sought-after coach in the golfing community.

Join the ranks of those who have benefitted from Sam’s expertise, including renowned motivational speaker and life coach, Anthony Robbins. Through Sam’s extensive experience and collaboration with esteemed coaches like David Leadbetter and Nick Bradley, coupled with guidance from mental coach Dr. Bob Winters, she offers a unique blend of technical prowess and psychological awareness that will propel your golfing journey to new heights. Embrace the transformative potential of “Inner Game of Golf” with Sam as your guide, and unlock your full potential, both on, and off the golf course.

What my clients say…

“Sam is a fabulous golf tutor! She has completely transformed my swing and I’m now hitting further than I ever have - managed a 225 yards the other day! I’ve had several tutors in the past try to improve my game, but Sam is the only one who’s actually made a difference to it!”

Karen H

"Thanks to the Winter Performance Program, I'm now more confident and consistent in my game. The mental performance sessions were game changing!"

Vicky S… 10 handicap down from 15

I recommend Sam Winters courses, the long lessons gave me the focus time I needed, I was amazed at the improvement my handicap quickly came down by 10 shots!

Jen 15 handicap down from 25

"This program is a must for serious golfers! Sam's coaching and the focused practice sessions transformed my swing and short game. "

Kim B. … 8 handicap down from 14

"Sam's winter courses helped keep me focused on my golf. The lesson format was amazing and I definitely benefitted, my handicap came down by 5 shots and all areas of my golf significantly improved"

Hayley G… 26 down from 31

“I have been working with Sam for the past 3 years and she has helped me build a more consistent game resulting in a healthy reduction in my handicap"

David 11.4 handicap down from 16

Sam is an exceptional and passionate coach. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any golfer keen to improve all aspects of their game. She has made numerous improvements both in my mental and physical game and nice experienced a steady reduction in my handicap

Zoe B….now 22 handicap down from 28

Empowering Golfers of All Levels:

Expert Coaching for Success on the Course

Sam, a dedicated ambassador for Variety Golf charity, has attracted a notable corporate following. She organises impactful events and tailored workshops, along with exclusive coaching holidays in stunning destinations like Turkey, Portugal, Majorca, Dubai, Tunisia and Greece providing unforgettable experiences for golfers.

With Sam’s expertise and meticulous approach, corporate clients benefit from customised events that bring exceptional value and drive success within their organisations. Golfers have the opportunity to join her coaching holidays, combining their passion for the sport with picturesque travel experiences.

Join Sam’s corporate network or embark on a coaching holiday to create lasting memories while improving your golf skills in breath taking settings, all while supporting Variety Golf charity through Sam’s ambassadorship.

Your Key to Lowering Your Handicap and
Mastering a Reliable Golf Game

Achieving consistency in your golf game is a shared goal among golfers. However, what many fail to recognise is that playing perfect golf is not the sole requirement for attaining your best scores.

What truly matters is developing a reliable long game, honing your short game skills, cultivating a consistent putting stroke, and acquiring the ability to recover from mistakes without compromising your scorecard.

The good news is that all of these essential shots and strategies can be easily learned through regular sessions with the right coach. Samantha Head, the answer to your golfing dreams, is here to guide you on this transformative journey.


Unleash the Power of Your Mind – Elevate Your Golf Game with Samantha Head’s Mental Coaching

As Arnold Palmer wisely stated, success in golf relies not only on the physical strength of the body but also on the strength of the mind. Sam, drawing from her own experiences as a six-time professional title winner, acknowledges that her achievements were not solely attributed to her golf skills, but significantly influenced by her exceptional mental strength.

With her qualifications as a fully qualified NLP practitioner and Mind Factor certified coach, Sam’s passion for enhancing her clients’ mental game has consistently produced winners at the club and county levels week after week.

Discover the transformative impact of Sam’s mental coaching as she helps you tap into the immense potential of your mind. Gain the mental edge needed to navigate challenges, maintain focus, and unleash your true golfing prowess.

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